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I’m a Goreng Goreng artist, born and raised in Ipswich.

My love for art all started with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, hear me out… As a young kid I watched the show religiously and it left wanting to know a couple things, firstly how do I become a ninja and secondly who are these renaissance artists Master Splinter had named the turtles after? My parents didn’t allow me to become a ninja, but they did have a set of encyclopaedia books which I was able to research renaissance art and from then on I had love of art.

I began to create my own art after watching my father paint. I have always been fascinated by the moon and all things space related and that shows in most of my art. The overarching theme of my art is the journey taken, the different pathways throughout life and the connections made with people.

Somewhere along the way I realised that the only thing I can truly speak on with absolute authority is my own life and all the things that make me who I am. This means my art is a continuum of time which tells stories of my past, present and future.
Having become a father three years ago I have found a constant source of inspiration from my family and they play a prominent part in my artworks.

Sometimes I will draw inspiration from something that has moulded my life in some way growing up, whether it be music or pop culture. I also have work that looks into the future and how I see my life playing out. Some art is a snapshot of the present and can be inspired by something as simple as a sunset, having coffee with my wife or ice cream with my daughters. Every one of my pieces stems from somewhere in my life. I hope some of it can speak to you and leave an impression.

Peace and love
Cowabunga Dudes

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